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Customer experience is among the trends across industries. The healthcare sector has no exemption. Like in any other industry, there is so much competition out there in the healthcare sector. For example, at least 70,000 registered chiropractors in the country provide nearly the same service. Hence, the differentiator is the chiropractor that can provide the best patient experience.

Entrepreneur Matt Prados said that patient experience is essential to attract and get new patients. Matt added that it is challenging for healthcare professionals to increase their client base in today’s highly competitive landscape. Matt came from a family of practicing chiropractors. That is why he knows the ins and outs of the healthcare industry.

Matt is the founder of the software company, Review Wave. He is among the pioneers in automating processes of healthcare providers to provide a better service to their patients. Currently, his company offers the best platform for reputation management and review marketing to chiropractors, doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals.

Why Is Patient Experience Crucial?

Several years ago, Matt asked some of his best clients what made them do better with their digital marketing.  “We discovered that reviews are the common denominator among them,” he shared. His team worked on how healthcare professionals can gain more reviews. “When we saw the results, it still puzzled us. Healthcare providers who were already getting good reviews got even better. On the other hand, those professionals who did not gain any reviews before continuing to struggle to get one,” he narrated.

Matt thought that automating the feedback request could solve the problem. He developed the first version of their software on feedback process automation. “The initial version of our software replaces the staff and the confrontation part with the patient with email and texting,” Matt explained. Everybody got results due to automation.  Once again, they discovered that the results were vastly different. Clients who were already getting good reviews got way more reviews, while those who already had fewer reviews only got a limited number of reviews. The results baffled Matt for quite some time.

“I once again examined the negative feedback to know what people are saying and why they are unhappy. One thing became evident – the patient experience. My team and I turned our attention to streamlining specific business processes of healthcare professionals to improve the customer experience of their patients,” Matt said.

Matt said that most people had encountered good doctors with unpleasant bedside manners or not-so-great doctors but excellent bedside manners, which both do not offer a great experience. That is why Review Wave developed the software for doctors, who are among the top in their field, to become better with the personal side of healthcare service. “We have started adding various features that provide convenience to patients such as mobile apps and allowing patients to book a schedule online,” he added.

Automation And Patient Experience

Many healthcare providers hesitate business automation because they view it as not personal. It is one of the misconceptions enshrouding automation today. However, Matt disagrees that automation will make their business not personal. “I feel it is the opposite. I firmly believe that the more you automate those nonpersonal things in your business, the more you can be personal the rest of the time,” he explained.

Based on Matt’s experience, automation can help improve the patient experience. “Several years back, I dug into my clients’ negative feedback to know why some clients get more reviews while others do not. I discovered that not all patients are unhappy at their doctor’s office. Then, I realized that there is a need to streamline those practices to create a better patient experience,” he narrated.

Matt argued that contrary to the common notion, automation is using technology to make things more personal in the healthcare industry. Automation can improve their bottom line. “Through the use of our software, millions of patients can now receive better healthcare because automation improved the service of their healthcare providers. Patients are people. We want to help them find the experience that they want in life,” Matt continued.

Review Wave’s Solution

“We all have good and bad experiences with our doctors. Some of us might not have a great experience with a great doctor. We are here to help those doctors who are truly at the top of their field to create a better patient experience,” Matt explained. He added that they created Review Wave’s software to give patients convenience and make them feel good.

Matt pointed out that each part of their software is not another version of something already existing in the market. It offers the best version that healthcare practitioners could get.

The entrepreneur revealed that their online scheduling app had become the most sought-after tool in their marketing automation toolbox. Since it is a 24/7 scheduling app, it is easier for new patients to book an appointment with a doctor or a chiropractor anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile, existing patients can now book or reschedule follow-up appointments through the app any time of the day. 

Matt said that the online scheduling app helped reduce inbound calls by 70% and resulted in fewer no-shows and cancellations, which significantly impacted a business’s bottom line. “We are also elated on the positive reviews that our mobile app is getting on the mobile app store. Some of the patients expressed their delight on the app. It allowed them to visit their doctors because scheduling appointments is hassle-free frequently. Now, it is making a difference in many people’s lives,” he added.

“We developed our software around the concept of convenience. That is why we made it super easy to use and kept the interface clean. People are seeing their doctor more often because it is so easy to schedule appointments. Those are the little things that help improve people’s lives,” Matt said.

Now, it is your time to create a better patient experience. Take the opportunity!

Learn how to automate your healthcare business to create a better patient experience with Review Wave founder Matt Prados by visiting https://www.reviewwave.com/.

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