How The Global Pandemic Has Affected Business

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The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has ruined any 2020 plan any of us consumers or business owners had and has totally edited the demographic of the market and the economy. Many experts are predicting that this year will affect the future economy for many years to come and will take a considerably amount of time to over these unprecedented times. We delve a little bit deeper today into how it has affected business. 

Although virtually everyone has been affected in some sort of way by the pandemic and lockdown, there has been a couple industries that have been affected worse than others. For example, and in our mind the worse affect industry has been that of the hospitality industry. Due to social distancing rules and being a hotspot for potential rise in cases, governments across the globe have closed them for the longest and are therefore really struggling now, especially with the furlough scheme coming to an end. Nightclubs are one of the only businesses that still haven’t been allow to re-open and experts are saying that many are going to close for good if they aren’t support soon. 


One industry that has actually benefitted from the pandemic is that of the online casino world, especially here at Sites Not Blocked by Gamstop, as they have been able to offer a 24/7 service which hasn’t had to stop or close during the height of the pandemic due to it being an online service. These particular casinos have ridden the wave of the pandemic and enticed new customers in through the use of offers and bonuses.


Due to all of this, the economy has found itself in a position that it has never been before with most countries reporting the worst economy growth on record. What this has meant is that consumer confidence is also at an all-time low with many not wanting to spend as much as usual due to the uncertain times. Time is the biggest healer but due to the severity of this pandemic, experts predict that this could take years.


In summary, the global business and economy world has struggled to adapt to this pandemic, but nothing more could have been expected from this as we have never seen anything like this before so was always going to be a struggle. Governments and governing bodies will have to reinvest into local economies to increase spending again and attempt to get their countries back on track, but as expected, this might takes years. 

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