Tech Millionaire on Women Skyrocketing Their Careers at Any Age

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Hilary DeCesare is an award-winning entrepreneur featured on the reality show “Secret Millionaire” who helps women turn typical life transitions into transformation. DeCesare has been coaching women in her Silicon Valley success methods for decades. Her new book, “RELAUNCH: Spark Your Heart to Ignite Your Life” details what’s beyond IQ and EQ … HQ. In this six-minute introduction, Hilary introduces you to her work and explains how you too can transform yourself when faced with life transitions. DeCesare created her proprietary 3HQ™ method combining business acumen with her neuro-coaching certification so women combine their head, heart, and higher self to create new brain patterns that shed limiting beliefs to reveal an authentic, satisfying self-image that leads to success at home, at work, and in relationships. Learn more about Hilary’s programs in the circle and how they can help you today at


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