The Perfect Japanese Patterns & Prints on Clothing

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In the past, the perfect Japanese patterns and prints on clothing were handmade. However, you can still find locally handmade Japanese patterns and prints on clothing, though, they are rare.

Japan is an epic center for digital growth and so even the Japanese pattern and prints industry has digitized. Now you can find various Japanese prints on clothing.

Nevertheless, if the Japanese’s patterns and prints are not properly designed and imprinted on the clothing, they could wear out after a few washing.

Popular Traditional Japanese patterns & prints on clothing

Before patterns and prints on clothing were modernized in Japan, some traditional Japanese patterns were very popular in the olden days. Interestingly, these traditional Japanese patterns all have a specific meaning.

  • Asanoha (Hemp Leaves)

The hemp leaves in Japan are called Asanoha. Considering that the hemp leaves are strong and grow without any care, the Asanoha pattern was often used on babies and children’s kimonos. The aim of using the Asanoha pattern was to wish that the children and babies will grow up big and strong like the Asanoha which doesn’t require too much care.

  • Uroko (Scales)

The Uroko pattern was popular among the Samurai. Also, the Uroko pattern comprises triangles that look like fish scales. Then Samurai wore them as a sign of protection against their enemies.

  • Yabane or Yagasuri (Arrow Feathers)

The Yabane or Yagasuri was among Japan’s popular traditional patterns during 1603. The pattern is based on a hawk, an eagle, and the feathers of other birds. This pattern was mainly worn by brides in Japan then. The Yabane pattern was for brides because it was used to wish them good luck in their marriage.  The Yabane symbolizes aiming for a target with an arrow; in this case a bird. As you would know, arrows shot are never returned to the shooter.

Therefore, the Yabane pattern was on kimonos given to the bride wishing them luck in their marriage and hoping they never come back because of any dispute in their marriage.

  • Ichimatsu (Checkered)

The Ichimatsu has various squares in various colors that are arranged alternately. Also, the Ichimatsu is an ancient traditional pattern that was used very often in the 18th century. Interestingly, the Ichimatsu pattern featured in the logos for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Modern-Day Japanese patterns & prints on clothing

Since the times are changing very fast, so have the Japanese patterns and prints on clothing also changed. Compared to the past when the Japanese patterns and prints on clothing had some traditional meaning, now you can print your pattern to suit you. Usually, most Japanese choose patterns that mean something to them.

Furthermore, some of the modern-day Japanese patterns include all kinds of images including great waves, sakura flowers, dragon, demon (oni), Japanese crane, koi fish, etc. The modern Japanese patterns are more creatively designed to suit the taste of the wearer. You can shop unisex haori with beautiful Japanese prints & patterns online too.

Where to Get the Best Japanese patterns & prints on clothing

There are so many Japanese patterns & prints on clothing companies these days. You can design your pattern and send it to them to imprint on your clothing. However, you can also get already made Japanese patterns & prints on clothing. As usual, apart from the regular physical stores, you can buy Japanese patterns and prints on clothing from various online stores too.

Most online stores that design Japanese patterns & prints on clothing seem more affordable compared to visiting a local store. In most cases, the patterns are uniquely designed.

How much will Japanese patterns & prints on clothing Cost?

The price of Japanese patterns and prints on clothing varies. No doubt they are cheaper online but the price is often determined by the style and creativity of the design. Depending on the style, Japanese patterns and prints on clothing may cost between $30 to $50.


Always make sure that you use quality clothing to imprint your Japanese patterns. That way the pattern would stay imprinted for a long time. More so, ensure that the Japanese patterned clothing you are buying is made of quality fabrics too. Finally, make the Japanese pattern is unique.

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