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Los Angeles gets 300 days of sun annually, and during the summer, the southern California climate is at its best with a warm hug of the sun, slight ocean breeze, and palm trees if you are in the coastal part. But LA offers much more than just lovely weather and miles of sandy beaches. It is a town of numerous attractions, and in a metropolitan area, you can find almost every imaginable fun thing to do. The entertainment capital of the world is a place where many rich and famous people live. Many of them like golfing.

Top golf courses in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to some exclusive golf courses, and even the most prominent celebrities have problems getting into some clubs. Fortunately, there are dozens of public golf courses. Famous Jack Nicklaus participated in designing Angeles National Golf Club. On the cusp of Angeles National Forest, you can spend around 5 hours on an 18-hole course, enjoy Spanish architecture, restaurants, and bars. On the Burbank boulevard, you can visit Balboa Golf Club. A Short-length course is part of the Sepulveda Golf Complex.

Another interesting public golf course is Chester Washington in the West Athens neighborhood. A 70-par course will take you 4.5 hours with the most significant challenge at hole 13.

Other notable public golfing venues are DeBell Golf Club in Burbank, Diamond Bar Golf Course, El Cariso Golf Course.

If you could have access, probably the best courses are Riviera Country Club, and The Los Angeles Country Club.

Fun things to do in LA at night

Los Angeles has some of the best clubs in the world, and a perfect night out for young visitors can be clubbing on Sunset Strip. Music ranges from R&B, pop, house to alternative, and some clubs let people in based on their looks, so make sure you bring your A-game.

Universal City Walk is outside of Universal Studios, it is free, and it offers fun neon lights, activities, bars, and restaurants.

Griffith Observatory is the best place to view the stars and the LA Skyline. It is one of the most popular public areas in LA, and for a reason.

Visit Santa Monica Pier, take a stroll by the ocean, enjoy the Ferris Wheel neon lights, take a seat at a bar or restaurant, or hang out at the beach.

Take a guided downtown art walk with a visit to the essential galleries, artwork, installations, and studios. For all social media lovers, hop down to the Urban Light. The installation of 202 vintage streetlamps is situated in front of the LACMA museum.

 Things to do in LA for free

LA is not a cheap city, but fortunately, there are many things you could do or visit free. If you are looking for a day at the beach, a 1.8 miles long Zuma Beach in Malibu is a perfect spot. Clean, with warm sand and beautiful ocean.

The Getty Center is also free, and it has a collection of stunning world-class artists’ works in one place. From Renaissance masters to American modernism.

If you get your star at Hollywood Walk of Fame, it is a clear sign you have made it in the most competitive environment. Take a stroll through the brightest stars of Hollywood in downtown LA.

Walk on the iconic Sunset Boulevard, under the famous palm trees. Go to the Third Street promenade in Sancta Monica, or Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, where you can find hundreds of boutiques, bars, and restaurants.

Things to do in Marina del Rey

The famous coastal part of LA is renowned for outdoor activities. Take a swim at Marina Beach, a family-friendly sandy beach with playgrounds, barbeque grills, and go surfing in the area.

Visit Fisherman’s Village, a tourist attraction with the largest human-made harbor for small boats. Colorful buildings, promenade, many shops, and restaurants make this appealing part of Marina del Rey.

Take a stroll down the famous Venice Boardwalk, or hang out at Venice beach. Palm trees, sand, and the ocean make this part of LA heart of street performers and outdoor activities.

Things to do in North Hollywood

The artistic neighborhood of North Hollywood sometimes referred to as NoHo Arts District, is a place with many theaters, coffee shops, bars, and comedy clubs. You can also find crucial historic movie theaters.

Visit California Institute of Abnormal Arts is a night club with a questionable art collection and weird acts that perform daily. For Comic lovers, Blastoff Comics is a unique place to visit and buy authentic comic books. Laemmle Theaters offer a great selection of foreign and independent movies. One of the most famous galleries is Gallery 800, where you can find artwork from Guild artists, abstract art, and items from Old West.

Best views in Los Angeles

Hills surround Los Angeles, and there are many great viewing sites around the town. We already mentioned Griffith Observatory, where you can have an incredible look at the vastness of Los Angeles and learn a thing or two about stars.

Hollywood Bowl Overlook is easily accessible on the Mulholland Drive with an exceptional view on downtown LA and the Skyline.

You can see the panorama from inside the city at OUE Skyspace. On top of the 70-floor building of the US Bank, there is an observation deck. Another excellent view, though much smaller, is from Los Angeles Citi Hall.

To get to these LA attractions, you will have to apply for US Visa ESTA procedure. The international travel to the US is now not possible due to the COVID-19 crisis, but the applications are still available. If you get Visa Waiver Program, you can get into the United States up to 90 days, and although you cannot travel right away, a permit is valid for two years.

So, if you are planning LA itinerary, it is a perfect time to answer ESTA application questions and get ready to explore this unbelievable city.


Summer is a great time to visit LA, but then again, LA attracts visitors throughout the whole year. Hills and mountains surround the city that covers over 460 square miles in the back, and the waves of the Pacific Ocean bathe the sandy beaches. In between is an urban metropolis with plenty of things to explore and enjoy.



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