What to Do When You Get a Negative Google Review

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What to do when your company gets a bad Google review? Your first instinct might be to ignore the bad review, but this won’t solve the problem. Responding in a polite manner can solve the problem, reassure customers that you care about their opinion, and help reduce the amount of negative reviews on your site. In addition, it can also help you expose fraudulent reviews and make sure that you deliver excellent customer service.

Regardless of the source of the negative review, it’s important to respond quickly. Google will only remove reviews that violate their policies, so responding immediately to these fake reviews will help your business stand out and be taken more seriously. It’s also a good idea to flag suspicious reviews, so they can be deleted by Google. If you’re the one who posted the review, don’t wait to reply, as this may be time-consuming and may not produce the results you want.

If you’ve found multiple fake reviews on Google, investigate the source. A spammer or competitor targeting your business is likely to leave fake reviews, so it’s worth trying to uncover the source. You can report them, but you should know that Google may not respond promptly. In addition to removing the fake reviews, you can also block the reviews in question. If you’re not sure whether a review is a fake, you can contact Google My Business to see if they’ll investigate.

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