Women of Business: Learning from Failures

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As a strong and involved supporter/ advisor/ mentor at the Seton Hall’s Business School Women’s Leadership Council, I am consistently elevated by the messages of the keynote speakers that are part of the foundation for learning for students at this forward thinking University.

I quote from the Executive Director for Leadership at the Stillman School of Business, “In her recent visit to Seton Hall University to speak at the University’s Executive Suite Lecture Series, Liz Claman, anchor of the Fox Business Network show Countdown to the Closing Bell, began her talk saying: “Success is standing on a mountain of failures.” Her talk was captivating and inspiring as she shared the story of her life’s journey, one of an unrelenting ceaselessness… to grow, contribute and live her life’s purpose doing something she loves. Claman’s words beautifully capture the passion and excitement of her message.

“Be the one who believes nothing can ever stop you. Will things to happen.”
“You need to be a participant in your own rescue.”
“Make mistakes where nobody can see.”
“Are you in a rut or a groove? Sometimes it’s difficult to know the difference.”
“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of fight in the dog.”
“Remain dissatisfied with the status quo.”
“It’s the family, not the leader.”

For many women in today’s voice of leadership, we see the attributes of perseverance, vision, passion, and the journey of creation that allows for our future daughters, sisters, wives, and fellow women to become the change we so often seek in our companies, communities, nation, and world today.

Women of Business is TODAY’s inspiration for tomorrow’s leaders.

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