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Nearly all entrepreneurs in this day and age need to be experts in the digital space, and that’s especially true for digital marketing. As an entrepreneur, digital marketing can be your most valuable asset, and it’s important to know how to master the craft. 

The good news is that there are plenty of courses and services out there which can help you master digital marketing. The bad news? How do you know which one to choose, and which ones will deliver on its promises? 

Today we’re looking at the courses and services offered by Douglas James. And to do that, we sat down with James himself, to talk about what he offers and why.

Hi Douglas, how did you get into digital marketing?

Now I consider myself a digital marketing expert and online entrepreneur, but my background is pretty unique. I served on humanitarian missions while in the Navy, and after those experiences, I decided to use my career to help others find financial freedom and independence. I’m a firm believer in the power of digital marketing and have a few signature skills and techniques. 

Tell us about some of those.

Well, I’m known as “The High-Ticket Client Guy,” because of my ability to land and close high-ticket clients, which bring in more money. It’s because I figured out the secrets for automating the high-ticket sales process, and now, my main goal is to share those skills with others. 

Why should someone be interested in automating high-ticket sales? Because that’s when you’ll start reaching an unbelievable level of growth and cash flow.

What do you offer in your courses and services?

I offer a wide variety of services and courses which can help entrepreneurs level up their skills and their earning ability. Firstly, I offer my coaching program, which has helped hundreds of people master digital marketing. This course is different from similar courses because it gives you exclusive digital assets and exact formulas you can use to find success.  

Aside from the coaching program, I offer a wide variety of services to help you earn big when it comes to local businesses. I’m an expert in Facebook Ads, as well as automated lead generation, and local business funnels. Really, my main focus is to help you grow your business.

What are clients saying about working with you?

I’m lucky to have dedicated clients who go through my courses and services and give it their all. They get to see real success, and I get to guide them there. Here are a few testimonials, which you can find on my website:

  • “The only person I trust to give my money to run ads online is Douglas James. He’s crushed it with us” – Mark Lack
  • “We were only spending $30,000 a month and were able to grow that to $300,000 a month with Douglas James and he was able to generate over 7 figures for my company” – John Crestani
  • “I really appreciate the professionalism and the dedication and absolute focus into what my business needed.” – Bobby F Parihar
  • “Douglas coached me in how to ask the right questions so you’re not wasting any time in your business and getting really qualified leads.” – Dr. Phil Smith

Why is digital marketing so important to you?

I’ve seen firsthand how powerful it can be, as both the marketer, and for the businesses your marketing. For example, I created a wildly successful business, but I’m also able to help other businesses enjoy more success. And that for me is irreplaceable.

It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning, and I look forward to helping even more businesses and entrepreneurs find this success.

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