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If you are unsure of how to start a podcast, follow these tips to get started. Before you start recording your first episode, check whether your chosen podcast name is already trademarked. If someone else is already using it, you may be in breach of their rights. While trademarking a brand does not have to be necessary, it’s a good idea to have legal protection for your name. The USPTO, or United States Patent and Trademark Office, is the proper agency to do this.

You need to decide what your podcast’s main goal is before you begin recording. How you define success will determine what you should focus on in your podcast. Decide if you’re targeting a specific demographic or sub-category. Also consider how often you’d like to release new episodes. If your podcast is aimed at attracting new listeners, choose a topic that you’re interested in, and make it as relevant as possible. You can also write show notes and descriptions of your podcast, and even interact with listeners on social media. It is imperative to have consistent frequency. Typically one episode a week, released the same day each time, is often a minimum goal.

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Choose a name that’s catchy and memorable. It should give listeners a clear idea of what the podcast is about and convey the tone of its content. It’s best to be creative rather than literal, as a show name that isn’t easily understood will turn off your listeners. If people have to think about a podcast name for too long, they’ll probably move on to another. Check to see if the name you chose is already taken.

The following are some other important considerations in developing your podcast:

  • What will be your niche?  It is hard to be the authority in many areas, so focusing on a specific area makes your site more attractive and even easier to find.
  • Set Up Social Profiles For Your Podcast. Determine which platforms you want to be on and make setting them up a priority.
  • Create A “Coming Soon” Web Page. You don’t need a site up to promote the show, but you need a live link telling readers to expect some great things.
  • Prepare Your Podcast Equipment.
  •  Submit To Podcast Directories. This is both very easy and crucial.
  • Market Your Podcast. In spite of the iconic saying, if you build it, they will not come. You have to get the word out.

Here is a great source for more information on these points and more.

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