Two powerful American War Vet Foundations Team up To Make a Powerful Impact and Statement

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Angelo Zammit & Ami Pancholi are regulars on the Radio Talk Show Price of Business & Co-Founders of the multi award winning marketing agency East Coast Loyalty 

American Veterans of War located our of Boston, Massachusetts and Love a Michigan Vet Project are combining forces in hopes of truly making a difference within the vet community. Angelo Zammit and Ami Pancholi Co-Founders of American V.O.W and Nadine Jones founder of Love a Michigan Vet Project have faith in the American people to do what’s right and support our vets. They also feel as though the only way to achieve their goal is to do a country wide tour to every major city starting with Boston, MA and promoting their cause and by leading by example. “Flyers and direct mail just won’t be enough” said Angelo. “We must get personal and bring this major issue to the public directly and smack it right in their face and hope the media catches on, which would provider us the means of reach to the public we truly need to make a difference. For now all we can do is fight as hard as they did to protect their rights as well as what they earned the rights to, and take it one day, one state, one city, one person and in result helping one vet at a time.”


The American V.O.W. Mission:

American V.O.W. was founded in hopes of raising awareness and donations to support both surviving war heroes as well as the unfortunate whom died for our liberty.

Donations collected are distributed amongst military men and women to assist them in obtaining proper recovery treatment for PTSD other medical, physical and psychological conditions acquired from war.

American Vow is also dedicated to helping homeless vets find comfort in knowing they will not be forgotten as long as we are breathing and determined to bring the cause to the forefront. Portions of donations go towards homeless vets as well.

Most importantly, American Vow is determined to raise as much donations to try and assure that every fallen war hero who lost his or her life in the battle for freedom will have the proper and respectful burial they so deserve.


American V.O.W. has set up donation fund boxes in well over 100 local convenient stores around Massachusetts collecting more than $30,000 in the past 2 years. They throw local events as often as they can and promote heavily on all social media channels in order to raise as much awareness as possible with the time and resources available. They have not only helped feed over 300 homeless vets but provided cloths and shelter for hundreds as well. The plan is to continue growing nationwide in order to provide every major resource one would need to get on their feet and live a healthy strong productive life they fought so bravely for us all to have.


The Love a Michigan Vet Project Mission & Accomplishments:

Love a Michigan Vet Project provides supportive services to veterans and their families. We feel that “No veteran should go without” and do our best to make sure that they do not. We seek resources to assist local veterans in need. We provide year round assistance and also host special projects and events throughout the year.
We work closely with four Veterans shelters in the Detroit area, including sponsoring and serving dinner at one of the shelters monthly. We fill the needs of those at the shelter year round.  For example, by bringing sheets, blankets or other items they may need at the time. We also assist finding furnishings for those transitioning into their new homes. One of our big projects is a Christmas dinner party for all four shelters. We provide a complete Christmas meal and gifts.

The Veterans at the shelters usually have the bare minimum. We give them all a new coat, undergarments, a towel, a complete set of toiletries, hats, scarves and gloves. The new items are packaged in a new backpack. The items are greatly needed and appreciated. The items are their Christmas gifts to ensure they are able to enjoy the holiday. The total number of veterans housed in all four shelters is 175. We also provide veterans and their families with holiday assistance, providing the family with a full dinner and at Christmas, including gifts. We also ensure that the children have a winter coat and boots.
Numerous times a year, we send care packages to those serving overseas. We also help find resources that are a comfort to their families while deployed.
We encourage our youth to get involved, small hands are always welcome. Everything we do is community based. Our goal is to raise veteran awareness in our community. We do different speaking engagements, and involved with student veterans on school campuses. Our founder Nadine Jones is the President of the Association of Women Veterans at the University of Michigan Dearborn. One of our events is the female Veteran Stan down, where over 250 female veterans receive assistance.
Our donors and volunteers are welcome to come and participate in any of our events. We love for our donors come and join us, to see your donations at work.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please consider us for future volunteer opportunities. Also, if you know a Veteran in need please refer them to us.

How You Can Help!

To support the American V.O.W Foundation and Love A Michigan Vet Project simply click the links which you choose to donate to. We love you all and hope you will help us in our continuous fight to help our war veterans.

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