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By Moira Alexander, Lead-Her-Ship Group

Rob Perry, Vice President of product marketing, discusses ASG Technologies changing priorities and 2018 outlook.

ASG is a global provider of technology solutions supporting thousands of enterprise customers around the world, including 70 percent of all Fortune 500 companies. These solutions – ranging from data intelligence tools to content services platforms to workspaces solutions – empower businesses to enhance workforce productivity, gain an accurate and timely understanding of the information that underpins business decisions, and address compliance needs with improved visibility of cross-platform data from legacy to leading edge environments.

Rob Perry is the Vice President of product management at ASG Technologies. He is a technology marketing executive with broad experience, responsible for creating compelling product messages, bringing products to market, building relationships and managing across geographical and cultural boundaries. He oversees product launches, industry planning, analyst and partner relations as well as business and marketing operations.

When asked if business goals or priorities for ASG Technologies have changed for 2018, Perry indicated that digital transformation will continue to be a core trend for many enterprises in 2018; and that it “involves many parts of an enterprise, from how it interacts with customers to how it manages its increasingly valuable data. Digitization affects all levels of a company’s business and operations.”

According to Perry, ASG plans to meet their customer’s needs for 2018, by focusing their attention on “delivering flexible platforms that can provide a core set of services for applications.” When it comes to content management, Perry sees the demand for repository-based on-premises enterprise content management products evolving towards a more flexible and even “headless” set of content services. He thinks this especially holds true for the core content management functions such as ingesting, indexing, categorizing, delivering, and analyzing content. These services, he said, enable a wide range of capabilities for leveraging content into business processes and other applications across many devices.  

Perry talked about another goal for ASG in 2018; to deliver tools that have centrally administered controls that still enable users to connect with the company in whatever way works best for them. “Enterprises are increasingly looking to digitally enable their employees” whether they are working in the office or remotely, said Perry. By providing enhanced products and services to customers, ASG aims to provide both security and flexibility to their clients, Perry explained.

There have been some 2017 changes that have altered ASG 2018 business goals and priorities. Perry said, “Increased digital transformation has led to the accelerated adoption of cloud computing” which has driven ASG towards enabling and delivering “software-based business solutions that leverage the flexible platforms and storage offered by cloud services.” Enterprises have begun to and will increasingly shift their data and applications to cloud-based services in 2018. Perry indicated that ASG has made significant investments in the delivery and installation of cloud-based products. He also said that ASG is determined to help their clients through their digitization transformation by providing them with new capabilities for:

  • Managing digital desktops,
  • Delivering content into any platform, and
  • Maximizing the value of their data estates under management.

What are some of the trends in the coming years? Perry said, a continuing trend for the coming years will be the sheer volume of data being captured and moved each year, especially as the IoT grows. As a result, he asserts “We’ll see more intelligence functions being added to tools to help better understand and find relevant data.” This means machine learning algorithms will continue to produce “more specific metadata and classify data more intelligently” he said.

Another trend Perry suggested for 2018 will be the increasing need for the involvement of citizen data scientists within organizations; to assist them in the analysis of their data, to identify insights, and develop better tools to meet their needs. By developing better tools, citizen data scientists will enable organizations to:

  • Enhance visualization of data relationships and trends,
  • Leverage AI to make searching data lakes more efficient, and
  • Offer more of a structured approach to identifying valuable insights in their data.

How does the new direction of ASG Technologies benefit their customers and other stakeholders? Perry explained that studies have shown companies that adopt digitization early on produce better business results, they grow quicker and manage costs better. As the customer-driven enterprise is a data and digital-driven enterprise; Perry argues that “Organizations that move aggressively will have better customer relationships, will have more productive workers, and will manage growth and costs for success.”

To find out more about ASG Technologies contact Rob below.  

Rob Perry, Vice President of product marketing


Phone: 1.800.932.5536


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