Top 10 Questions To Ask When Hiring a Public Adjuster for Commercial Hail Insurance Claims

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Scott Friedson.

The Scott Friedson Commentaries

Price and Friedson take a look at the questions everyone should ask before hiring a public adjuster.
1. Can you provide references from businesses that had commercial hail insurance claims similar to ours?
2. What experience do you have in handling commercial hail insurance claims, particularly in our industry?
3. Are you licensed and accredited as a public adjuster in our state, specifically for hail claims?
4. How do you assess the extent of damage caused by hail in a commercial setting?
5. What is your fee structure for handling commercial hail insurance claims, and how is it determined?
6. Will you take charge of all communications with the insurance company throughout the process?
7. What methods do you employ to ensure thorough and accurate documentation of hail damage?
8. How do you expedite the claims process for commercial hail insurance to minimize business disruptions?
9. Can you outline the expected timeline and key milestones for handling our hail insurance claim?
10. How do you stay informed about changes in insurance policies and regulations that may affect our hail claim?

Insurance Claim Recovery Support (ICRS), public insurance adjusters are licensed in many states and exclusively represent Commercial, Multifamily and Property Management policyholders.  Led by Scott Friedson, he has settled over $100 Million in property damage insurance claims ….No Recovery, No Fee.

Insurance Claim Recovery Support LLC (ICRS) is led by Scott Friedson, Public Adjuster & CEO with over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate. Licensed in multiple states, the firm of Public Insurance Adjusters is dedicated to exclusively representing the interests of Commercial and Multifamily policyholders as well as management companies whose real estate assets have suffered fire, hail, wind, water, vandalism, business interruption or other storm damages. Scott retired as CEO of National Income Property LLC, a Texas based commercial real estate brokerage firm specializing in apartment complex acquisitions and dispositions after Mr. Friedson and partners sold their multifamily holdings in Houston, TX and won the Paragon Award from the National Apartment Association for Real Estate Investors of the Year 2007. Today, Scott is still an avid passive real estate investor.

Scott’s reputation as a diligent & ethical commercial real estate professional has earned the trust of some of the largest commercial property owners and management companies in the U.S. to settle complex insurance claims. He routinely manages risk and liabilities associated with property damage insurance claims and has settled over $100 Million in commercial property damage insurance claims solely on the behalf of insured policyholders. ICRS’ track record for settling claims and avoiding unnecessary litigation or appraisal is impeccable. The firm offers comprehensive property claim adjusting, estimating, forensics engineers, building consultants, damage appraisers, weather data, policy interpretation building code/ upgrade analysis, & business interruption claim documentation to support the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time possible.


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